Saturday, October 30, 2021

The Perfect Family Christmas Card for Procrastinators & 5 Thing I'm Doing Differently to Prepare

Christmas is around the corner and every year I decide at the last minute that I am going to do holiday cards for family and friends. Spoiler alert, I never actually follow through with those plans. It's not like i dont have the equipment and time to properly commit to the shoot, it's the lack of planning on my part. I can never find pj’s for the whole family or outfits that coordinate well with the kids, on time. And did I also mention that I wait until after Thanksgiving to try and execute this plan, a bad idea. 

So what am I planning to do differently this year? I've come up with 5 different ideas to help me properly put together the perfect Family Christmas Card and ways to prepare.

Here are 5 things i plan to do differently this year:

1. Instead of shopping for all of our looks in November, I started shopping and purchasing everything this week. It's the last week in October and all this week I've been roaming around Target's website for matching family pajamas as well as Boohoo and Missguided for formal wear. Target has many affordable options when it comes to pj’s. I especially love their Black Flannel Pajamas because they match our holiday home decor

2. Booked all of our hair and makeup appointments the last week of October. Now if I'm being honest this is something I should have done a few weeks earlier, so I'd recommend doing this a month and a half out if possible.

3. I created a Pinterest board of different holiday looks, poses and ideas for family photos. Pinterest has lots of ideas for holiday pictures and it has been a big help...

4. After work, I've been driving around the city to look for the perfect spot for our pictures because I will be taking all of our pictures myself. This has proven to be the most difficult part of my planning so far but I'm certain I will come up with the right spot. 

5. Now as far as printing the photos out and creating the cards I decided to keep it simple and go with my local Walgreens or Cvs for their simple and easy printing options. 

With all the planning I have done I feel confident that our pictures will not only come out perfect but i will have them in the mail and to family/ friends before Christmas!!! Not to mention this plan is definitely procrastination proof, lol…

No worries, I've linked my pajamas set from the picture above as well as a few other options here… happy shopping ladies. Red and white Poinsettia pajamas