Sunday, August 9, 2020

7 basics You Need in Your Wardrobe For Summer

 During the summer I always like to keep a few basic pieces in my wardrobe that are key in creating an effortless look. I keep these things on hand that are mainly my go-to’s when I’m pushed for time and want to look well put together. These items usually work no matter the occasion or event, are inexpensive and can be found at any of your favorite stores. So I’m sure your wondering by now what these items are... So without any further delay, the list are as follows:

A white t-shirt. With a white tee you can never go wrong. It can be dressed up or down and can be paired with anything. Under a slip dress or cam, with a skirt or your favorite pair of jeans. 

A neutral tank. Having a neutral colored tank is key for the summer. Especially if you like to look chic and well put together, having a tank will help you achieve this look. 

Slide in sandals for the win. The shoe that provides style and comfort, is a slide in sandal. You can pair this with a maxi dress or denim shorts for and trendy look. 

Denim shorts, because why not. Listen these are a must for the summer. There are so many varieties of denim shorts out there. Everything from Bermuda to high-waisted shorts, there’s something to suit your comfort needs. 

T-shirt dresses. Now this basic is fairly new, but so necessary for the summer. You're going to want to have this dress ready and available simply because it takes little to no effort to style. Those slide in sandals will come in handy for this basic item. 

Mom jeans are ideal for summer because again they give you a comfy and stylish look without much effort. Style this basic with either your tank or white, heels or sneakers.  

Cross body bags are not only great for running errands but comes in hand for your summer vacations. The only accessories you need for this season and is my go-to bag when I’m in a hurry but want to remain stylish. 

These 7 items are a must for every wardrobe in my opinion. Have these items in your wardrobe will help make life easier and keep you looking on point for the summer. 

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