Wednesday, July 8, 2020

A Versatile Top, Plus 2 Tips for Shopping On A Budget

Okay so don’t judge me... because you all are going to see me wearing this top like fiftyleven times by the time summer is over. LOL, seriously though. I’ve been on the hunt for a milkmaid top all last year and I’m beyond excited to have found one. The square neckline and puffy shelves add just the right amount of detail to the top and are what drew me in when I saw a sign that said “Kandyle, Buy Me” hanging above the rack in H&M, a few weeks back! 

The trend become really popular in the spring of 2019 and has transcended from there into 2020 and is something I believe will become a staple in everyone’s closet. Like I said before the square neck line and statement sleeves were instant hits. One thing that concerned me about the top before trying it on though, was that it was a bit cropped at the hem line. I’ve lost a significant amount of weight but I’m not going to lie my stomach still needs lots of work and while I normally steer clear of cropped tops but I took my chance with this one and tried it on. In the dressing room while trying the top on I notice something was different. It not only could be worn as the milkmaid top but also doubled ad a cold shoulder top. The top was perfect and I could definitely see myself taking this from a day to night look. Having tops like this can be a lifesaver when you're on a budget and want to be fashionable! 

A versatile piece of clothing can help you stick to a budget. When you’ve found a item you like and are wondering if it can be worn multiple ways, it’s important to keep these 2 things in mind: 

  • Is this something I can wear for the next couple of years? Basically is this a classic piece or something that trendy right now. To keep spending to a minimum you want to focus on pieces that’ll last you for years to come. Although the milkmaid top and dress are a new trend, I believe they are classic pieces and can be worn for years to come. 
  • Does this fit into my price point... when shopping for things that are flexible there should always be an amount your willing to spend. 


Versatility in clothing is something that can make for a great wardrobe. To me it’s a way to get a great bang for your buck and I’m absolutely pleased with this top and all of it functions. What are some things you keep in mind when shopping on a budget?