Wednesday, May 27, 2020

The Truth About Glossier’s Boy Brow and Brow Flick

I have wanted to try the beauty Brand Glossier for quite some time now. For a few months I’ve watched a couple of Instagram Ad’s with a some of my favorite influencers using their eyebrow products Boy Brow and the Brow Flick, to create some beautiful looks. So one can only imagine my excitement once I got my hands on them. 

I’ve wanted to change the look of my eyebrows to a fuller/thicker brow to better fit my face. There was a new trend called the “boy brow” which seemed like the perfect brow for me to try. Now normally I get my eye brows waxed every 2 weeks but at the top of the year I let my brows grow out completely out. Once I got my brows to the perfect shape and thickness I placed my order with Glossier.

I got the products in and immediately tried them out. Also I should mention that the two products come as a bundle and are extremely affordable. I used the Brow Flick first as recommended by the brand. If I’m being completely honest here I wasn’t that impressed with the Brow Flick initially. The color I order was dark brown yet the pen looked to be black once applied. Wanting to give these products a chance I continued on to the Boy Brow in the color dark brown as well. Once I applied the Boy Brow to my eyebrow it changed everything. My brows looked amazing. The color of both products worked well for my eyebrows. 

So let’s get real. I played around with both products for about an hour until I complete got the look I wanted. I even found another use for the brow flick on my eyebrows. Overall the products work and now have been added to my must-haves list of products needed to maintain your brows while at home. (Blog post link). If your interested in these products and brand as a whole I strongly recommend try. You may have to play around with the products at first but once you get it the desired look you won’t be disappointed. 

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