Wednesday, May 13, 2020

My Honest Clinique Counter Review

Back in February I had a skin test analysis done at my local Clinique Counter with one of their skincare specialist. The weather was changing and I thought it was time to switch up my skincare routine, because during the fall/winter months my skin tends to be dry and I struggle with ways to keep it moisturized during the day. I’ve been using Clinique’s face wash for almost two years now but I wanted to see what other products they had that might help me with my skin issues. So I scheduled an appointment at the nearest Clinique counter to me. 

I met with the skincare specialist named Q. She not only is an expert with skincare for Clinique but she also doubles as an MUA, so she understands how important skincare can be for those who wear makeup. The test was simple and took about 30 minutes to complete. The first half of the test, Q asked me a few questions while filling out a questionnaire about my skin. The questionnaire wanted to know what type of skin I had (dry, oily, or combination), if I was using any other skincare products besides a moisturizer and how often did I wear makeup. Once she gathered information about my skin from the questionnaire she was able to come up with a few recommendations as a result of what I shared. My results showed that I have dry skin, an uneven skins tone and a mild case of acne. So with those results she recommended that I use a 3 step system in the morning and at night. Q selected Clinique’s Liquid mild facial soap as my facial wash, the acne solutions clarifying lotion as my toner and the Clinique iD active cartridge and moisturizing lotion for uneven skin tone as my moisturizer. While there she tried out the products on my face and showed me exactly how to use each one. Q also recommended that I use use Clinique’s exfoliating scrub twice a week to help get rid of an excess dirt and dead skin on my face. Ladies once we were finished with the entire consultation my skin felt amazing. 

Over all I’d say my experience at the Clinique counter was a 10 out of 10. While most places are only interested in making sales, the consultants at the Clinique counter really do care about the type of skin care you need. Not sure if most of you know this but Clinique’s skincare brand was created by a real dermatologist. Dr. Orentreich and founder Carol Phillips wanted to create a line of skincare products that didn't produce a "one size fit all "method like other skincare products produced used over the years.   Q was great and a big help with getting me on the path to healthier skin. If your  in need of new skincare products for the fall/winter months I’d recommend making an appointment with your local Clinique counter and specialist. Have you tried Clinique skincare line? 

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