Thursday, December 5, 2019

Fashion Trends to Try This Season

It’s officially cold weather season and I’m excited. This time of year is slowly become one of my favorites because of the cool to cold weather. There are so many trends I’m interested in trying out and will be adding to my wardrobe. 

I’ve put together a short list of trends to add to your wardrobe for fall and winter. 

Plaid trend
The plaid trend is one the biggest trends for fall but also works well for winter. You can find almost anything in the plaid pattern, from dresses, shirts, suits to blouses. Anything you can think of can now be found in plaid and I love it. 

Animal Prints

Drifting in from spring n summer animal prints are a trend that is still going. I can remember when the 90’s trend pop back up in the early 2000’s and here it is again. In the past animal prints are normal a pattern you can find in the fall and winter months but this year was used in the spring and summer. Which makes it so much easier to transition you closest this year from summer to fall. 

The maxi skirt

Another transitional piece the maxi skirt is normal a spring trend but it has found its way into the fall. With heavier fabrics and different patterns the variety of maxi skirts are unlimited. You can find leather maxi skirt as well as flirty romantic skirts, no matter the style this is one trend I think is something to add to your closet.

The Power suit

Okay so this trend might be my favorite. Suits are for the most part a male and Hilary Clinton “thing” lol, but this year things are changing. These are not your regular shoulder padded, pants suits. Ladies they are more of a tailored, fitted, men’s inspired, suit. What I like about this trend is that no matter your size n shape there is something out there for you and at affordable prices. 


Leather’s a trend that’s tried and true when it comes to colder weather. Over the last few years leather jackets have been a closet staple for women, but this season things are being kicked up a notch. Not only will you find leather jackets  when shop for leather but you’ll now find leather tops, pants and dresses. You read that right girl, leather dresses. If your want to add a little edge to your look try a leather dress. 

Okay ladies that rounds up what I believe to be the top trends for Fall 2019 and will carry you through to winter. All of these piece will more than likely last for years to come as these are pieces that will never go out of style. Which trend will you be trying out this fall/winter? 

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