Wednesday, September 4, 2019

5 Tips to Help Define Your Personal Style

Fun fact about me... I’m a quiz queen! That’s right- I’m the person taking the personality, love, and friendship quiz in the magazines. I thoroughly enjoy taking those quizzes in my spare time, so when I ran across a “style type” quiz, of course I had to take it. 

On you can answer six questions about your personal style, to get the results of classic, chic, whimsical, bohemian or avant-garde as your style type. I love wearing blacks and whites paired with a pop of color or bold print for a statement and would consider my style to be chic. After taking the quiz my results were pretty spot on with a bit of a surprise. I got a combination of chic and avant-garde style.

According to the website avant-garde means that I like to take risks with my fashion choices. I see clothing as more of a form of wearable art, while I more than likely own a lot of black and love to add pops of colors to an outfit. The site defines my other results for chic style as wearing lots of black and neutrals with accessories that have pops of color. Pretty interesting right? The site even gave me examples of what these types of styles looked like.

Over the years my style has changed from jeans and a t-shirt at age 18 to tailored jeans, a crisp white t-shirt, and snake skin pumps at age 27. At the age of 27, my style changed and I began to value my clothes more. My personal style became more about quality over quantity, and how I could style one blouse or dress multiple ways. Blacks, whites and neutrals are my go-to colors for almost everything and it’s what I feel the sexiest in, as well as the most confident.  Adding things like a bold red lip, a colorful shoe, and/or accessories, always completes the look for me. Also, often times I look for pieces that most people wouldn’t wear. An asymmetrical skirt or blouse, a purse with metal hardware, or even a shoe with a weird heel. My motto is, “if my someone think it’s weird, then I want it!” LOL. 

If you’re not sure what your style is I’d take this quiz as well and ask yourself these questions: What am I most confident in? What am I most comfortable in? What is your favorite outfit that you can wear over an over again? What prints, fabrics and colors do you love to wear the most? Answering these questions can help you put a few things into perspective when it comes to defining your personal style. Remember that style is about what you like, what’s important to you and should be an artistic expression of who you are as an individual.

Here’s a link to the “style type” quiz.

Happy styling!!

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  1. Yassss! Absolutely love this! I’m going to take the quiz now!